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Question: pligg 2.0.0 and pligg 2.0.2 do not work
Answer: provided by votetheme 204 days ago
- 0 + Hi Yes, the sites I run, all three pligg sites are running pligg 2.0.0 and are working fine, all which were upgrades from past versions.

The site I have on my server now is a friends site I'm trying to fix. He has claimed it simply started having a blank white screen.

I have downloaded the version you have shared above, installed default theme and after I submit I get a blank white screen on submit.php

New.php will not show once I set the story to new from when it was automatically set to discard after submission.

Not sure what the issue is,there is definitely something wrong showing the stories and it has something to do with libs/link_summary.php. I don't think it's the page itself because it's identical to the one on my other sites but maybe there is a setting somewhere or a table wrong not too sure. You might need to take a look at all that or ask someone more familiar with pligg cause I'm kinda stabbing in the dark‏

The pages index.php and new.php and perhaps other ones include another page '/libs/link_summary.php". It was written out like this include(./libs/link_summary.php) instead of include(/libs/link_summary.php)

But when I do these edits, no stories show... but the pages show finally without blank screen.

Perhaps I will rent a shared server and see if I experience the same issues there.
Question: Can't access my website, it only shows a white blank page
Answer: provided by votetheme 205 days ago
- 0 + I am having a similar issue, no matter what I do when I submit a story the website will not load, blank white screen, when I remove the story via admin, the site loads fine again.

Have you tried removing links table to test?
Question: rss importer causing high load on server getting 500 internal server error
Answer: provided by votetheme 415 days ago
- 0 + the issue is not with the server it's the script, it's terrible once you get a few feed son here the load is just ridiculous....
Question: Uploading Avatar Problem with Blank Page Appearing
Answer: provided by votetheme 410 days ago
- 0 + I have this issue only in firefox...

An error occured while uploading your avatar.
Question: How to Disable User registration
Answer: provided by votetheme 563 days ago
- 1 + I have removed the register.php on my site yet I'm still seeing users sign up, anyone else have this issue? I've deleted over 10 users since the page has been removed. Can they sign up any other way maybe inject users into the DB some other way?
Question: How to Disable User registration
Answer: provided by votetheme 560 days ago
- 0 + I have changed my password yet accounts are being made, but unlike typical pligg spam it's only a few per week. This is what I find strange, for example see the screenshot. The last three users are some how added to the DB and so far 1 has confirmed! Also when you create accounts to the admin it doesn't even need confirmation, if this was done inside the admin they would be confirmed
Question: How to Disable User registration
Answer: provided by votetheme 556 days ago
- 0 + I have removed all references to register.php and all the files on the server yet users can still register, any ideas?
Question: Awaiting Moderation pligg 2.0
Answer: provided by votetheme 573 days ago
- 0 + The solution to this issue is how the tables are made in the past with the older rss module! To fix the problem you have to update all fields feed_status in pligg_feeds to new from the old queued.

I know this will help a few users who are using the rss import module!
Question: Awaiting Moderation pligg 2.0
Answer: provided by votetheme 573 days ago
- 0 + If you have issues with new users or manual submitting, chuck roast has posted this fix, Please add anything else you find important to this discussion.
Question: Why I can't submit my first entry in my newly installed Pligg site?
Answer: provided by votetheme 574 days ago
- 1 + If you look in the admin, is the post awaiting moderation? I'm having this issue right now, many posts going into awaiting moderation and I've never heard of this before.