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My sidebar góes to the bottom of the page in new and Groups page but in the other works normal as correct
Anyone encountered this issue? -->

One creates a story and adds tags. On viewing the story, the tags do not appear. One needs to "edit and save" the story for them to appear.
How do I increase the avatar and the avatar link with the name of User
How to let the news page to be the home of the site, would like the page to be the home page news as
I would put image along with the news is possible
I want some changes in the pligg pages such as submit.php etc.

i changes the submit.php & there write the my oun code .when i was host the website pligg website is display but my changes is not display .

when i click on the submit menu the blank page display .

Ther is possibile to put a delay in the out.php (one second) ...thanks in advance
how to make a voting module in bootstrap site
Error records do not accept spaces in the name of User example: user testing. validation as corrigir.pligg 2.0.1