Pligg Support


I've downloaded the IPB integration plugin but I don't find any way to install it.

There doesn't seem to be anything called plugins in pligg admin.

After placing the directory in the plugins directory, nothing is different. Extracting the files directly into the plugins directory also did nothing.
I also went directly to the install file: which just gives me Forbidden 403, even after chown to apache and 777 perms.

The "instructions" don't say anything about what files to edit, or even if you're supposed to edit a file, or if there's some page to go to. I was unable to find anything online.

How do you install plugins?
Nice software. However in my use case I actually don't want any users to be able to submit anything new; just the admin. Users should still be able to sign up, log in, vote, etc. Just not submit or see anything about submitting. How can I do this?