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Anyone got IP2location working?

Once installed, it crashes the app.
Hi there,
Is there anyway that we could register our pligg based website on Addthis or OExchange compliant websites?
There are a few modules for previous versions which do this but they dont appear to work on the latest version. Any help would be great.part
I can't resolve an old bug that shows blank page when i want to Logout from Inbox in Simple Messaging Module.
I see that it works perfectly fine on
which means that if you logout it redirects you to main page.
Unfortuntately in my instalation of Pligg 2.0.1 it has the 'blank page bug'. Any idea why ?
Please, i need help on how to rectify this problem.
Whenever any story/submission on the site is clicked, it is supposed to show a page with the complete story/submission on my site, but instead it shows a page on my site that is blank but with the title of the story/submission in the browser.

please does anybody know what the problem is? and how can i solve it?
Is there a module to assist adding cpm ads on the template?
Is any WYSIWYG HTML editor for Pligg 2.0? Also uploader for images should be in flash (with Image Preview before upload) to any place in article.
I have this error in the log:

[10-Apr-2014 00:13:27] PHP Warning: Missing argument 1 for Search::doSearch(), called in *********/libs/sidebarstories.php on line 28 and defined in /home1/darklife/public_html/noticiasvzla/libs/search.php on line 32
Hi pliggers, I am little bit confused about how Upload module works. To automatically insert images/thumbnails on story content I have used the code {image1_550x550 } in linksummary.tpl. The code works only when you set your image size at 550x550 at upload setting. But what code do I use if I like to insert the original images in story content (before cropped)?

For example:

Cropped: /attachments/pligg550x550.jpg

Original: /attachments/pligg.jpg (This is the image I like to insert in story content)
I was thinking about forking reddit, but this looks like an impossible proposition. I want a specific voting functionality (in addition to regular voting) on a website like reddit, and I think Pligg might be what I'm looking for.

What should I know or think about before trying this?