Pligg Support

I use Facebook Module v 4.7. After signning in to a pligg website using Facebook popup window, authentication works fine, but the redirect shows a blank page (instead of the form in the fb_step2.tpl). Could you please give me your comments about this problem? thanks
Does exist a way how to change name o unique title, meta description and keywords for the best SEO. I think this is not incompletely to the end. The SEO is weak point for Pligg. Is here anybody to explain me more how to improve this side of pligg.
Hello, I bought story counter but doen┬┤t work. What I┬┤m did badly?
Thank┬┤s for request.
Hallo, I install module upload and doesn┬┤t work.
I tried many times different changes, different setup and nothing happend. The file here i tried upload JCVD. Could you help me?
Hallo quys, does exist some way for mass import for stories?

Thanks for request.