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Question: Exist mass importer?
Answer: provided by tipykam 484 days ago
- 1 + Hallo Pedro aka maslinux, thanks for request. I got it. Yes it´s running and it´s very good module. Bye.
Question: Facebook module bug, shows a blank page after authentication
Answer: provided by tipykam 417 days ago
- 0 + Hallo, i have same problem. In error log i got this report.

OAuthException: Error validating access token: The session is invalid because the user logged out.
Question: Upload module - does not working. Why
Answer: provided by tipykam 607 days ago
- 0 + to jhawkin: thank you man, but still doesń´t work, may be it´s template fault...? i click to add attach file and it does nothing. but i find out :) thanks anyway
Question: title, meta tags, keywords,
Answer: provided by tipykam 617 days ago
- 0 + Thank you...
Question: title, meta tags, keywords,
Answer: provided by tipykam 616 days ago
- 0 + It´s going about site and
Question: SEO - questions
Answer: provided by tipykam 615 days ago
- 0 + to lintu: hallo, i know that, thank you. but if you want to have a better seo ranking and optimalized sites you hav to do more.

this is not very comfortable... for every page you should have a unique title, description and keywords, but... pligg doing things bit a non seo creative. i did analyze my site and i got 35% point of 100 and everytihg were a simple optimalizing. ok i can go thru code, but this is no right way i wanna go. so i am trying to find another way. cheers
Question: Story counter
Answer: provided by tipykam 621 days ago
- 0 + is page