Pligg Support

I installed the twitter module. But when I try to login with the twitter button, it ends on the following page: modules/twitter/login.php and it says Server Error.
Fatal error: Call to undefined function trigger_rss_error() in /usr/home/ on line 238

What cant i do???

How Can I include el Top Users in the sidebar???
Which is the code???

I bought some pligg modules last year, but can not login with my old account here any more. How can I download update for the modules?

I installed the module in the facebook comments pagikss template.
How I can disable the module discuss?
How I can add a link in the linksumary like discuss?
Anybody know what happened to the template pagikss??? It has disapeared in the pligg shop.
I am very interested in this template
If someone could tell me something, I'd be very grateful.
I have this error "Warning: set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons in /usr/home/ on line 2"
How can I remove this error.
This error appears in submit page
I would like to design a button to count the "likes" page original.
This is possible?
How can I do??
three questions:
- Can you explain how to use and what code I need to enter??
- When I'm in the Home and want to share a post, how I can add the reference to/from my page ... something like Not only in twitter but also on facebook, google+, linkedin ... what code I need to enter??
- When I'm in the Home and want to share a post, I share the name of the page and not the post. How can i do? what code I need to enter??
I bought the Pagikss template. I want change the size de sidebar. I change the follow in bootstrap-responsive.css:
- span 6 width 570px to 700px
- span 4 width 370px to 340px
but this is not enough, I think I should change the row-fluid.span6 and row-fluid.span4. Is that correct???
How can I do the calculation???
Should I do something more??