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Pooja Chettri is a Internet Professional
Can anyone please suggest me to add Post-view count in Pligg Cms.
I modified linksumarry.tpl file. Replaced user rank, time, categories by changing one another position. Every thing worked fine however I felt the default position was good and replaced the codes once again exactly the same way as it was before but this time things are not working fine. I lost the user rank next to user avatar and name just below the story title.

I tried second option . To bring things to its normal position I uploaded the link summary original file but still its not working. Deleted template cache from server, from my pc. I tried every thing but failed to get the rank of few users but some still shows wrong ranks.
Please check: and suggest what should I do.
Also check that the user names Pukar has no rank to display. While just below Cherry shows #1
(Not Getting Any Emails )
Whenever I use the "forgot password" It gives me the output:
You have successfully requested a password reset. If the email address exists in our database you will be sent a password recovery email soon.
Now when I check the email address used to retrieve password I see no password reset mail or something similar. Why am I not getting any mail. Is the same thing happening with your websites too. Please suggest how can we correct this error.

Note: My users are also complaining the same (they too are unable to reset their email address)
I am very much sure that someone cracked open my administrator password. Can any one Please suggest me how can I get it back.
Hello, (username removed).
Your account at (site name removed) has been successfully set up.
Please keep the below information for future reference:
Login URL: (Url removed)

Username.: (username removed)
Password.: (password choosen when registered)

Email has been automatically generated on Dec 20, 2013 at 11:14:20.

Get premium hosting from (url removed), free domain name, unlimited disk space,,,, to many features to list.
Spam Filtered (607885808)

I have the problem with the last line in italics "Get premium hosting from........." how does this ads appear in the automatic welcome message sent to the members. Just want to clean it up.
Where does this code actually originates.
I have checked modules/welcome_email/welcome_email_main.php file but did not find any. Please suggest
HTML is disabled in comment section and it is not getting enabled even after modification in admin Submit section. It is showing html disable how can I enable it. Even admin is not able to post codes.

I want my users to post codes in comment section.
Please note: It is working in Submit story description.

1. HTML tags to allow to Normal users.
2. HTML tags to allow for Moderators.
3. HTML tags to allow for Admins.
I want to enable my users to add codes in the description box and comment box. How can this be done because when I am adding codes it is giving out the result part. For example,
Code I added:
<script type='text/javascript'>
<-- Text here -->

Code shown after posting:


Firstly, I would like to thank you Pligg Developers. Without your effort this would not have been possible.
I would also like to request the Pligg users to come together and help each other in recreating or redesigning the same. Please post every single tricks and tips you come across.
Thank you in anticipation,
Sayogita Chettri (Beta)
Can any one please me the following:

1. How do I increase the sidebar in a pligg.
2. How do i increase main content area in a pligg
3. How do I decrease the white space on both the sides (left & right) this is taking lots of space.
Do you want to add background to your Pligg powered website? The answer to your question is here. Read below:

Firstly >> Open Style.Css
Search for >> .stories {

Now add the code given below
The code should now look like this>>
.stories {

Have a great day.