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Question: What does the #number mean after the users name
Answer: provided by sam 89 days ago
- 1 + Thanks very much
Question: Give details on the changes to Saved Drafts
Answer: provided by sam 504 days ago
- 0 + Thank you Yankidank
Question: Give details on the changes to Saved Drafts
Answer: provided by sam 481 days ago
- 0 + I have upgraded now, and Saved Drafts is still not working, I'm getting the same issue as before
Question: Reset password not working
Answer: provided by sam 550 days ago
- 0 + In case anyone else gets this, I just needed to add the recover page to the $do_not_include_in_pages array in /modules/private_site/private_site_init.php
Question: Give moderators more access
Answer: provided by sam 649 days ago
- 0 + Thanks for the feedback. Yankidank, Im quite happy moving through the system at the moment giving access etc, but if you could just tell me where the security levels are held for the submissions page I'd be able to change the last page that I need moderators to have access too. Its a good piece of functionality as it is, thanks :)
Question: Amend error when clicking downvote after upvoting on a topic
Answer: provided by sam 650 days ago
- 2 + Thank you, it was really annoying not being able to sort this, but its working now
Question: Hide details until user has signed in
Answer: provided by sam 693 days ago
- 1 + Thanks, I look forward to this module
Question: User levels - are these working?
Answer: provided by sam 711 days ago
- 1 + Thanks, there is clearly something wrong with mine as they have no access to the admin panels at the moment :) but maybe thats something to do with the fact that you have said tehy dont seen to be working properly yet
Question: Menus dont display correctly
Answer: provided by sam 677 days ago
- 0 + This should be fixed now, thanks to the developers
Question: Error trying to purchase modules
Answer: provided by sam 723 days ago
- 0 + Hi, Im still getting an issue. The save drafts module cant be purchased; when clicking on the add to cart button the page asks me to save the file. The same happens in the checkout when I try to purchase four other modules. Please can you help? Thanks