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Question: Category selection not required
Answer: provided by lipsmega 124 days ago
Question: The scrollbar down when the user is logged in and visit the page of the story
Answer: provided by lipsmega 139 days ago
- 1 + Thank you so much oxy... hey, your Pligg themes are amazing! lol
Question: Does the RSS Importer Plugin Work?
Answer: provided by lipsmega 388 days ago
- 1 + I am having an error when I try to create a new feed: "Fail to save changes".
Question: How auto content scrapper works
Answer: provided by lipsmega 139 days ago
- 0 + Hi ChuckRoast. Can this module embed content from any website, generating thumbs and a small text like Facebook does when we post a link, or just from some sites?
Question: Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons in ...config.php on line 3
Answer: provided by lipsmega 543 days ago
- 1 + Tnks ChuckRoast. I called my host and they disabled this php function for me. Now pligg 2 is working!
Question: Why feeds from some sites doesnt work with RSS Importer?
Answer: provided by lipsmega 612 days ago
- 0 + Sorry, I'm using pligg rc2 with rss importer 2. After change 'feed order' it seems to work now. Tnks jhawkin!