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Can someone tell me what the main advantages of Pligg 2.0 vs. the previous version? I like Pligg, but almost everything costs a lot for 2.0 and it seems that there is WAY more open source modules and templates for previous versions. Contemplating moving to the previous version or just going back to Wordpress.
It seems that all of the templates for Pligg 2.0 have a dropdown sort option. I am trying to get the clickable buttons back for the sort (i.e. most upvoted, all, today, yesterday,...). I've been trying to mess with breadcrumbs, but seem to come up short. My template is bootstrap. Any help would be greatly appreciated

First, thanks for creating the module. It's great. My question is: Is there any way to make it so that users can ONLY submit videos (not articles, pictures, music, etc.)?

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