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David Arnold is from United Kingdom
Question: How integration Pligg with function?
Answer: provided by user_5230411 709 days ago
- 0 + thanks for info yankidank i have done as suggested the only files im interested in from previous purchases are any directly now used by pligg2 like content scrapper and anything else you may see that have been updated for pligg 2 i realize some are out of date.

thanks m8 keep up the good work
Question: akismet errors
Answer: provided by user_5230411 710 days ago
- 0 + ok will do i have just upgraded my host for pligg to a vps on my reseller as pligg was causing high cpu usage so i'm going to also see if that was part of the problem thank you
Question: Facebook wall
Answer: provided by user_5230411 710 days ago
- 0 + I for one am so looking forward to this module so bless you for doing it.