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Question: Maybe I missed something, but my account is gone.
Answer: provided by Yankidank 457 days ago
- 0 + I have attempted to change your username on I'm not sure if this will work flawlessly, as I haven't tried changing an existing username before. If you have any problems and aren't able to respond to this post, please email us via the contact page.
Question: Nothing is shown on homepage...
Answer: provided by Yankidank 461 days ago
- 1 + Your site looks normal to me, you just need to 'publish' content to the front page. By default stories will go to the 'new' page until they either receive enough votes or are moved to the homepage via an admin/moderator action.
Question: Disable Register Doesn't work on Heyou Template
Answer: provided by Yankidank 459 days ago
- 2 + You may want to post this message or reference this post on the Heyou product page ( as a comment so that the product vendor will be aware of your issue. They may be able to provide some more insight into the issue.

Also, it would be very helpful if you provided a link demonstrating your issue so that we can troubleshoot it better.
Question: Multilingual site
Answer: provided by Yankidank 465 days ago
- 1 + From each user account's edit profile page, they can select from a dropdown list which available site language files they want to use. This list is generated based on what lang_NAME.conf files are available in the /languages directory.

Updating the language setting from the profile area, or from the Pligg Admin panel, will not have any effect on the site's content, like usernames, tags, comments, or submission content.
Question: Pligg for cloud hosting?
Answer: provided by Yankidank 465 days ago
- 1 + If all that you are looking for is an extendable hosting platform, where you could scale the hardware up or down, then I would recommend We are using them to host the new website. They are a very affordable host who make it easy to scale your server based on your needs.

If you choose to go with, please use our affiliate link:
Question: after pressing submit, it redirects me to a blank page.
Answer: provided by Yankidank 465 days ago
- 2 + Could you please email me at to open a ticket? Please include the following information so that we can troubleshoot the issue on your own server and address your problem as quickly as possible:

Website URL

Pligg Admin Username

Pligg Admin Password

FTP Host

FTP Username

FTP Password
Question: modules that is not working now will they ever work ?
Answer: provided by Yankidank 469 days ago
- 2 + Here are a couple tips that may end up fixing some older modules so that they will continue to work on Pligg 2.0.

The first update is the location where we store the Smarty.class.php file. We moved this (and other files) to a new /internal directory. Search your module files for the text 'Smarty.class.php" and update the location so that it now includes the new directory. Here is a before an after example:

Pligg 1.x.x


Pligg 2.x.x


Next we changed the highest user level from 'god' to 'admin'. Because of this, you will need to search the module files for the term 'god' and probably replace it with 'admin'. A common example of this is demonstrated below:

Pligg 1.x.x

$canIhaveAccess = $canIhaveAccess + checklevel('god');

Pligg 2.x.x

$canIhaveAccess = $canIhaveAccess + checklevel('admin');
Question: Working with adsense revenue sharing module?
Answer: provided by Yankidank 469 days ago
- 2 + We will actually be removing this module from the next version of Pligg CMS. I believe that the Google Adsense terms have changed since we first published it many years ago, and Google may no longer be allowing you to operate such a module.
Question: Adding a domain to whitelist gives error
Answer: provided by Yankidank 462 days ago
- 2 + I discovered that the installation script was not adding the new domain whitelist file to the Antispam settings area. I'll have a fix posted in the next development version (and the next official release) that will fix this.
Question: Users can't login
Answer: provided by Yankidank 479 days ago
- 1 + As the thread that you mentioned pointed out, have the user accounts verified their email addresses? You can check this status from the Admin user management page. Look for a checkmark next to the user email address. If you see a warning icon, it means they haven't confirmed their email yet.