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Question: I am getting error "NO DICE"
Answer: provided by Yankidank 581 days ago
- 0 + I believe that it is possible, though I haven't been able to verify and test on them for a very long time (a few years). They are not the most reliable host for Pligg due to the nature of it being a shared host, plus their default settings often cause conflicts with major scripts.

I know that others have been able to get Pligg to work with Godaddy, but I can't reference anything specific without spending a while Googling the Pligg 1.x forums (
Question: want to chnage welcome message
Answer: provided by Yankidank 576 days ago
- 2 + /languages/lang_YourLanguage.conf (ex. lang_english.conf) will contain nearly all of the language items used by Pligg CMS.

BTW. Your username 'admin' for is not allowed and I will be changing it now to something less generic.
Question: Blank Menus / Pligg?
Answer: provided by Yankidank 581 days ago
- 1 + NOTE: This user is reporting an error for a Pligg 1.x site.

Looks like you are missing your language file, or for some reason it isn't getting moved into your cache. Sorry to be a downer, but we are no longer supporting Pligg 1.x sites so that it all the help that I can offer. Unfortunately Dreamhost isn't bleeding edge, and they haven't updated their installer scripts to use Pligg 2.0.0 yet.
Question: Translation
Answer: provided by Yankidank 581 days ago
- 0 + Please compile a list of any occasions where the Pligg language file has not yet translated an element being used by Pligg CMS, then submit it to us as a bug report on If you can document the filename and line numbers for each item it will help us out.
Question: Maybe I missed something, but my account is gone.
Answer: provided by Yankidank 583 days ago
- 1 + I handled this matter via email with the user before seeing this post. I am going to outline our shop policy concerning prior licenses sold through the old Pligg Pro website.

We retired the Pligg Pro site in June 2013 and the orders and accounts are no longer available through the website. Everything on the old site was for Pligg 1.0 and our shop software licenses only cover the current generation of Pligg CMS.

If you placed an order for a Pligg 2.0 specific item on the Pro site, like for example a Pligg 2 Beta reward tier, I will be glad to honor those purchases and will add them to your new account after verifying your information.
Question: Maybe I missed something, but my account is gone.
Answer: provided by Yankidank 583 days ago
- 0 + I have attempted to change your username on I'm not sure if this will work flawlessly, as I haven't tried changing an existing username before. If you have any problems and aren't able to respond to this post, please email us via the contact page.
Question: Nothing is shown on homepage...
Answer: provided by Yankidank 587 days ago
- 1 + Your site looks normal to me, you just need to 'publish' content to the front page. By default stories will go to the 'new' page until they either receive enough votes or are moved to the homepage via an admin/moderator action.
Question: Disable Register Doesn't work on Heyou Template
Answer: provided by Yankidank 585 days ago
- 2 + You may want to post this message or reference this post on the Heyou product page ( as a comment so that the product vendor will be aware of your issue. They may be able to provide some more insight into the issue.

Also, it would be very helpful if you provided a link demonstrating your issue so that we can troubleshoot it better.
Question: Multilingual site
Answer: provided by Yankidank 591 days ago
- 1 + From each user account's edit profile page, they can select from a dropdown list which available site language files they want to use. This list is generated based on what lang_NAME.conf files are available in the /languages directory.

Updating the language setting from the profile area, or from the Pligg Admin panel, will not have any effect on the site's content, like usernames, tags, comments, or submission content.
Question: Pligg for cloud hosting?
Answer: provided by Yankidank 591 days ago
- 1 + If all that you are looking for is an extendable hosting platform, where you could scale the hardware up or down, then I would recommend We are using them to host the new website. They are a very affordable host who make it easy to scale your server based on your needs.

If you choose to go with, please use our affiliate link: