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Question: Varnish & Pligg, anyone?
Answer: provided by Yankidank 298 days ago
- 2 + is on a Varnish and Nginx server. Here is a snippet of the code we use in our Nginx .conf file for the site to get the /support section working.
Question: I purchased pro extensions - how do I get access to updates?
Answer: provided by Yankidank 313 days ago
- 2 + We had to draw a line for supporting Pligg 1.0 era purchases, and we chose to coincide that with the launch of Pligg 2 during Spring 2013. When we launched Pligg 2, the whole website was re-launched with a new ecommerce system, and with new and updated products.

If you purchased an item in early 2013 through the old "Pligg Pro" shop, I will be glad to provide you with a license for the same product in the new shop (if it still exists). Just send an email to with your old Pligg Pro order number, your current associated email address, and the original order date.

If you made a purchase prior to 2013, we are not able to assist you with updating your license for free, but we may be able to give you a discount so that you can upgrade to a Pligg 2.x version of a theme or module without having to pay the full price. If you would like to look into this option, please send me an email.

Many items that we sell on are listed at a significantly discounted rate. I try to price most items to cover the cost of development (typically about $1000 for a medium-advanced item). If I were to factor in the cost of long term support, I probably need to double the price of most items. The amount of time required to update a module to the latest version of Pligg CMS, plus to maintain functionality through constantly changing third-party API services like Facebook or Twitter, complicates things when trying to maintain a product over multiple years.

I'm sorry that some of you may object to this policy, but it's the most fair system that we could come up with.
Question: How to Install Pligg Modules
Answer: provided by Yankidank 366 days ago
- 2 + I applied a HTML/CSS hack to attempt to make the embedded video responsive. Hopefully it looks better on mobile devices now.
Question: PDO / MySQLi
Answer: provided by Yankidank 383 days ago
- 2 + No, there are no plans. That doesn't meant that it will never happen, it's just not a priority.
Question: Is there a way to add subgroups within groups in Pligg?
Answer: provided by Yankidank 383 days ago
- 1 + Well there certainly isn't a simple way to do it, so I'm going to say no.
Question: Facebook module bug, shows a blank page after authentication
Answer: provided by Yankidank 383 days ago
- 0 + Sorry to take a while to get back to you. I assume that you are still having this problem? I am unable to reproduce any problems myself on my local test environment using the latest version.

Usually the issue is related to the API settings. Either the API permissions on were not set correctly (something that has been less of a problem as the API has improved over time), or the API key hasn't been entered into Pligg's Facebook module settings area.

Check your error logs to see if there are any messages being output by your server that might help diagnose the issue. If you continue having issues you can email me directly at eric (at symbol) (sorry to obfuscate that, trying to avoid spam).
Question: Give details on the changes to Saved Drafts
Answer: provided by Yankidank 383 days ago
- 2 + I suggest you use Winmerge to compare the source code between your old copy and the new version to see what's changed. If you happen to have an old, but unmodified version of the module then that would be the best way to get a quick comparison. I don't track my development of that module on SVN or GIT, so there's no easy way for me to tell you what's been updated now that it's been so long since I applied the changes.
Question: Navigation Bar Control
Answer: provided by Yankidank 415 days ago
- 2 + The smarty variable {$} will return the page's url value. So if you have a page at then it would return a value of 'demo'.

If you need to determine if the current page is the 'demo' page, for the purposes of highlighting an active menu tab, then you could use code like this:

If you want to add a link to your page near the end of your main navigation bar (the blue bar across the top of bootstrap), then I suggest using that line of code in header.tpl just above the line that contains the module hook: {checkActionsTpl location="tpl_pligg_navbar_end"}
Question: Unable to Shift from non-seo link to SEO Links
Answer: provided by Yankidank 415 days ago
- 1 + It is possible that your host may not support htaccess rewrites. Who is your web host, and what plan are you using?

If you are installing Pligg in the root of a domain (not in a subdomain or subdirectory), then all you should need to do is change the URL Method value to 2 from the admin panel (Admin > Settings > SEO) and then rename your "htaccess.default" file to ".htaccess".

If you have installed Pligg in a subdomain ( or subdirectory (, then you will need to edit a few lines in the .htaccess file, all of which are near the top of the file and commented.
Question: Pligg 2.0 vs. Previous Versions Questions
Answer: provided by Yankidank 421 days ago
- 1 + Please review the Pligg CMS download page ( for a list of features that have been added since Pligg 1. This blog post ( also describes some of the new features. Personally, I would recommend upgrading just for the improved admin experience and security improvements.