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Question: How to avoid having the 'New' Section on Pligg?
Answer: provided by Yankidank 225 days ago
- 1 + Try adding a meta redirect to the new_center.tpl file so that it redirects people to the homepage, and set the "votes to publish" value to 1.
Question: Bookmarklet ----> Got 403 error
Answer: provided by Yankidank 224 days ago
- 0 + I can't reproduce this issue on either my local test area or the pligg demo website. It's likely an issue specific to your hosts security settings.
Question: How to show comments under each story?
Answer: provided by Yankidank 280 days ago
- 1 + I am looking for a way to display a few comments in a similar fashion for a new theme that I am working on. I think it will require a custom module of some sort to accomplish this feat. If I make any progress I will try to report back.
Question: Give moderators more access
Answer: provided by Yankidank 286 days ago
- 2 + I'll take your suggestion into consideration as a future update. Right now the moderator system is rather basic and could be improved pretty easily. I was hoping to put it off work related to this until we have a chance to expand user levels and allow for custom permissions.
Question: Rename Groups
Answer: provided by Yankidank 295 days ago
- 0 + There is no simple way to completely rename the groups URL (at least not yet). You could try renaming the file from groups.php to hotspots.php and then customize all links pointing to the old groups.php page so that they direct to the new location. Simply renaming that one file though may not be enough, as other files may rely on it being named "groups.php".

I am hoping to add some new options to Pligg down the road to allow users to better define their SEO URLs, so it may be possible in the future if you are using URL Method 2 (requiring htaccess rewrites).
Question: I bought Pligg teir 3 with moudle
Answer: provided by Yankidank 295 days ago
- 1 + I've credited your account with the Twitter, Tweet, Facebook, and Ticket modules. Sometimes users need to have a billing address listed to be granted download permissions, so please make sure that you have provided us with a billing address which you can fill in here:
Question: Custom User-how to create?
Answer: provided by Yankidank 295 days ago
- 2 + I should point out first that what you want would probably be done around 'user levels'. Pligg uses user levels to determine basic permissions for the 4 default user groups: 'Admin', 'Moderator', 'Normal', and 'Spammer'. The Admin role can do everything, include changing site configuration values. The Moderator class should be limited to managing content (users, stories, groups, comments). Normal users are your everyday Joe, able to submit stories, comments, and groups. Finally Spammers are those who have been banned from the site for submitting spam content.

Unfortunately Pligg's user level system isn't quite set up to work how you imagine out of the box. In fact, you would need to do a bit of coding to create new user levels and then set special permissions for each of your features. This is a feature that I would love to add to Pligg CMS, but it would take a considerable amount of development to make it happen. As they say, "time is money", which is why this non-essential feature hasn't yet made its way to Pligg CMS.
Question: Heppy theme no work
Answer: provided by Yankidank 295 days ago
- 1 + Please contact the developer responsible for that product:

You may also get his attention by leaving a comment on the product page:
Question: anonymous comments
Answer: provided by Yankidank 308 days ago
- 1 + Could you please give us a more detailed report of the error? Either provide a screenshot of the problem and error message, or provide a much longer description.
Question: anonymous comments
Answer: provided by Yankidank 307 days ago
- 1 + I've applied that change to the development version so that the next update will have this fix.