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Question: How could my Karma drop overnight??
Answer: provided by Yankidank 104 days ago
- 1 + I made a couple updates to the website to make it a little more difficult for the person in question to harass the site. I didn't have an up to date vote function for /support until now, so he was able to cheat the system a little. Perhaps this is a good time to remind people that it's important to keep Pligg CMS up to date. I also locked down the number of votes allowed from an IP address to just 1 (previously the limit was 2), and we now block a number of temporary email services from registering new accounts.

Redwine: I just gave you a karma boost to get you back up to nearly 4,000 karma.
Question: How could my Karma drop overnight??
Answer: provided by Yankidank 104 days ago
- 1 + Chuckroast tried to recover any stories or data that were changed to discard due to the negative votes.
Question: How could my Karma drop overnight??
Answer: provided by Yankidank 104 days ago
- 1 + Don't rush to do that just yet, as I still need to investigate further for the next 2 hours to see if the data is still in the database. It should be recoverable, since Pligg CMS shouldn't delete data from the database unless an admin presses a button to clearly do just that.
Question: *** URGENT. NEED answers about the functionality of Groups
Answer: provided by Yankidank 139 days ago
- 2 + I was actually about to fix some issues related to group user roles this week. I noticed last week that the template needs to account for group moderators better. Currently there is a lot of missing table data when viewing the Group members tab. Also like you said, there are a lot of other role issues that need to be better defined. Let me use this post to describe what I believe to be the proper permissions for each group role type.

Group Admins should have the following permissions:

• Edit Group Title

• Edit Group Description

• Change Group Avatar

• Assign member roles (admin, moderator, normal)

• Delete Group.It would be nice if we had a option to make the creator of the group (original group admin) the only one capable of deleting the group, but that isn't how it's handled right now.

• + Every ability moderators have

Group moderators should be limited to following features:

• Change the status of a group story. For example: move a "shared" (or "new") story to "published".

• Activate a group member. This doesn't appear to be supported as of 2.0.2, so it needs to be added.


Here's where there are probably issues in the existing code. The term "moderator" is being used throughout the group system, but "moderator" is actually a site-wide role. I'm guessing that some code bits may be confusing the two different roles because of the shared name. Perhaps we should change the role name for group moderators to something like "leader". Doing this may result in break older template though, so I'm hesitant to make that change without further input.
Question: *** URGENT. NEED answers about the functionality of Groups
Answer: provided by Yankidank 138 days ago
- 2 + The site-wide moderator role should be capable of changing the story status (publish, new, discard). The killspam feature is probably too powerful for the role though, which is a feature that they currently have access to. I'm fine with giving them the ability to enable users from the admin panel, but disabling users may be excessive.

Moderators should be able to edit a story just like the author, in case they need to remove personal info or they have some other cause. Site moderators should also have the ability to manage groups or a user's profile.

Moderators differ from admins because they are applying content-specific changes. For example, editing a story, editing a group, and editing a user. Admins are making changes to site-wide settings like the Language file, configuring the site, managing modules, etc.. Using this logic, I think that the domain whitelist and blacklist pages needs to be be restricted to admins.
Question: *** URGENT. NEED answers about the functionality of Groups
Answer: provided by Yankidank 135 days ago
- 0 + Thanks for the update. I'm awaiting your final version before trying to integrate the changes or performing any group changes myself.
Question: *** URGENT. NEED answers about the functionality of Groups
Answer: provided by Yankidank 132 days ago
- 0 + First, before I respond to the video I want to say thank you to Redwine for his hard work in helping to define and execute the proper permissions for user roles across Pligg CMS. These updates will allow people to finally use these user roles as they were imagined and will address a lot of security issues that exist in previous iterations.

I am going to break up my thoughts into numbered paragraphs so that you can reference those when composing a response.

1. I didn't realize that we had an open bug that allows moderators to change user roles. I thought that was something that was patched, so it's a problem that needs fixed ASAP.

2. The only field in your permissions table that does not line up with what I imagined is the (group) Moderator value for "Edit Group Info". In the video that field is set to "YES", when it should probably be "NO". Group moderators should not be able to edit the name, description, privacy setting, or voting number for a group.

3. Your Admin permissions are more restrictive than what I imagined, but it makes perfect sense after I thought about it.

4. The "Group story status" dropdown link should not be available to the Kris account since the user is not a group moderator (it's a normal user". Additionally the "Manage Kris" link shouldn't show since moderators shouldn't have the ability to edit user account details like admins.

5. The Group Story Status discard feature was operating as I had previously imagined (deleting it from the group, but leaving it in the main site's new or home areas). This point may be up for debate because I could see it as making sense either way. The reason why I chose to not completely discard it from the site from the Group page is because the story might have been shared to other groups, or popular enough to make it to the front page, but for one reason or another someone wanted to remove it from their group. Perhaps the best solution would be to offer 2 options: Discard from Group and Discard from Site for normal users.

6. I totally agree that site admins should be able to view and moderate all group content. So yes, please give them access to see private group data. I would even recommend allowing site moderators to see what private groups are publishing, since they are the ones who are most responsible for moderating content across the site.
Question: I cant add new stories on my site - not sure whats broken :(
Answer: provided by Yankidank 152 days ago
- 2 + I hadn't heard of this feature being broken before, as it wasn't reported to Github. I'll have to check it out.
Question: URL is invalid or blocked
Answer: provided by Yankidank 158 days ago
- 2 + Here is the official fix that we will be using in re-packaged 2.0.2 release.
Question: FIX to settings-from-db file
Answer: provided by Yankidank 161 days ago
- 2 + Thanks for your contribution. It didn't show up as a Pull request on Pligg's Github page, but I've manually applied the changes and re-bundled Pligg 2.0.2 to include the changes in the file found here: