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Question: [ASK] How to insert a no image icon
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 94 days ago
- 0 + Add that code in link_summary.tpl.
Question: Didn't receive my order
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 117 days ago
- 1 + We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced with us.

We manually review all orders and it's one of the reason why you weren't able to download the template. As per our Support Policy: , we only offer support on Monday - Friday, 08:00 - 17:00 (GMT +8) and that's additional reason why we were NOT able to activate your order and post a response on your ticket on Sunday.

Anyway, you should be able to download the template now in our site. We require that you need to register in our site so that we will be able to offer you support in our Forum and Helpdesk.
Question: why new page not found?
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 120 days ago
- 0 + You're using URL Method 2. Make sure you rename htaccess.default to .htaccess

If it's installed in a subdomain or subfolder then you also need to customize the .htaccess file - everything is commented in there.
Question: The scrollbar down when the user is logged in and visit the page of the story
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 161 days ago
- 1 + It's because your mouse will auto-focus on the comment area.

To remove this behavior, open bootstrap/comment_form.tpl then find and delete:

Question: I want to use Pligg as a collaborative blogging platform
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 172 days ago
- 1 + This is possible with Pligg. All you have to do is change two options in the Admin panel so that there will be no requirement to enter URL of someone's article.

The options are in Admin > Settings > Submit:

Require a URL when submitting: set to false

Show the URL input box in submit step 1: set to false.
Question: Turn off email Confirm
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 218 days ago
- 1 + Go to Admin > Configure > Misc > Validate User Email and set to false.
Question: Is there any way to change the home page screen
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 239 days ago
- 1 + To change the "Welcome to Pligg CMS!", edit the /templates/bootstrap/index_center.tpl file.

To submit links without registering, install the Anonymous modules.
Question: noob question
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 249 days ago
- 0 + Go to Admin > Modules > Modify Language and change the values for:



Question: How to be informed of a comment/post reply?
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 249 days ago
Question: embed twitter widget in sidebar
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 255 days ago
- 2 + Just put your Twitter widget code in sidebar.tpl and remember to enclose it with {literal}{/literal} tags.