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Question: Where can I find the algorithm that calculates what news item gets to be on the frontpage?
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 553 days ago
- 2 + It's controlled by two factors under Admin > Settings > Voting:

Votes To Publish (5 by default) and Days To Publish (10 by default)

That means when a story get 5 upvotes within 10 days, it will become Publish and will go to the frontpage.

If a story get 5 upvotes after 11 days or so, it will not go to the frontpage anymore.

The frontpage displays the Published stories by newest submission, meaning the topmost stories are the newest one. However, you can do the filtering by clicking the "Sort" dropdown.
Question: Bug Report = Votes: Number of Votes to Discard - BROKEN
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 530 days ago
- 2 + I tried setting -1 and it still automatically discard stories.
Question: How to set New stories to moderate Automatically?
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 553 days ago
Question: Pligg tutorials
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 540 days ago
- 2 + Sorry, I downvoted this twice to verify a bug :D
Question: Pligg is back with awesome design! Thanks for offering 'free module' downloads
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 532 days ago
Question: Welcome to Pligg Support!
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 549 days ago
- 1 + Just would like to test if code HTML tag sis supported in here.

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