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Question: Can anyone explain how to create new page in Pligg?
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 344 days ago
- 0 + I have replied to your other post regarding this.
Question: How to edit the pligg pages
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 349 days ago
- 1 + What you need to edit are the template files (*.tpl), not the PHP files. By default, the template is bootstrap and it can be found in /templates/bootstrap/.

The template for the submit page is submit_center.tpl.
Question: the pages
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 357 days ago
- 0 + You still need to manually create a link in your template that will point to the page you have created, i.e.

< a href="{$my_base_url}{$my_pligg_base}/page.php?page=VALUE_OF_PAGE_URL_YOU_CREATED" >LINK TEXT< /a>
Question: Only Welcome Instal Notification On Homepage using Default themes
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 358 days ago
- 2 + You need to have posts that that are "Published". To be "Published", a post needs a certain amount of votes. By default, a post needs 5 votes. You can change this setting by going to Admin > Settings > Voting > Votes to publish.

You can also change a post to "Published" by going to Admin > Manage > Submission > choose a post then change to Publish.
Question: How do I increase the avatar and the avatar link with the name of User
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 381 days ago
- 2 + The code you need to change is in link_summary.tpl:

< img src="{$Avatar_ImgSrcs}" width="16px" height="16px" alt="" title="Avatar" />

If you want a 32x32 pixels avatar size, just delete the:

width="16px" height="16px"

from the code above.

If you want the biggest avatar, replace the whole code above with:

< img src="{$Avatar_ImgSrc}" alt="" title="Avatar" />
Question: Where can I find Pligg Developers
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 385 days ago
- 2 + I'm the owner of the OTnewz template that you want to have.

We also offer professional Pligg installation service. You can either purchased the installation service separately or bundled with the template.

Please visit for more information about the template and our service.
Question: Where can I find Pligg Developers
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 384 days ago
- 1 + I have added OTnewz Basic Template License in your account. You should be able to access the support forum now.
Question: New Stories Not Showing Up After Upgrade (Upcoming & New Conflict)
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 397 days ago
- 1 + In Admin > Manage > Categories and at the very bottom there's a "Reset User's Selected Categories to All" - try to click on that if that will solve your issue.
Question: When clicking story link on home page it takes me straight to the comment box half way down the page
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 400 days ago
- 1 + It's because your mouse will auto-focus on the comment area.

To remove this behavior, open bootstrap/comment_form.tpl then find and delete:

Question: How to let the news page to be the home site
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 400 days ago
- 1 + Or you can go to Admin > Manage > Submissions > select the news you want to be in homepage then click on "Publish" from the dropdown.