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Question: Limit Users to Submitting Some Number of Stories Per Day?
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 276 days ago
- 0 + There's an add-on for this but only for Pligg 1.2.x:
Question: Can anybody change template in Profile?
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 282 days ago
- 1 + Works fine here, both Template and Language selection.
Question: How to edit submit page
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 283 days ago
- 0 + Edit the submit_step_1_center.tpl file.
Question: where is Sitemap?
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 283 days ago
- 0 + Have you already installed the XML Sitemap module?
Question: how can I Published News in home page
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 283 days ago
- 2 + By default, news that will reached 5 votes gets published in the homepage.

To change the 5 votes requriement, go to Admin > Settings > Voting > Votes to publish
Question: I would like to know how to change the welcome statis on my website? Instead of "welcome to pligg"
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 283 days ago
- 1 + That message was in the index_center.tpl template, not in the language file. You should modify that file to enter your own message.
Question: Can't get pligg to work in Subdomain
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 297 days ago
- 2 + You have to modify the .htaccess file to reflect the name of the subfolder where your Pligg is installed. You can read on the comments of the .htaccess file where will you put the subfolder name.
Question: I want my "Welcome" message to stay on the front page even after the submissions start.
Answer: provided by OxyThemes 299 days ago
- 2 + Open index_center.tpl and on LINE 6 delete:

{if !$link_summary_output && $pagename == 'index' && count($templatelite.get) == 0}

Delete also the closing "if" in LINE 13: