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Question: BUG: Agree to Terms & Captchas do not show up in Register Modal
Answer: provided by IvanDavidLippens 407 days ago
- 0 + Cool. Please moderate or delete this?
Question: Draft Module Broken
Answer: provided by IvanDavidLippens 409 days ago
- 1 + If Pligg LLC is going to facilitate the sale of third party modules, and take a commission, then they also need to be aware of bugs with the products. Officially. Not just in the chaos of this support panel, where things get ignored or overlooked.

If not, then the company doesn't need to be selling bugged and untested products.

If so, then the company should allow for semi-support through official reports, at least.

Otherwise, there should be a separate section for third party modules, and Pligg LLC shouldn't be charging per sale, but per vendor license, because of the conflict of interest.

Also, the Draft module is still broken, and Yankidank and I have already had a discussion about it. It's a problem with core pligg stuff.


Thanks for the feedback, Chuck! I will do what I can to post in here when necessary, such as in this case.

Keep me posted on your module projects! Thanks! :D

Question: User levels - are these working?
Answer: provided by IvanDavidLippens 411 days ago
- 1 + They have too much extra access, actually.

You might want to explore a little deeper.

They can access some parts of the admin panel.

They are actually not working properly right now from what I understand.
Question: Remove PLIGG reference
Answer: provided by IvanDavidLippens 412 days ago
- 0 + Navigate to your Template folder and then to the folder of the specific template you are using.

Then edit the code of the Footer.tpl file, and search for the code there.

CTRL+F or COMMAND+F are good to search for keywords.

Question: Remove PLIGG reference
Answer: provided by IvanDavidLippens 412 days ago
- 0 + Other template makers have removed that mark and placed their own. So wouldn't it then fall under adaptations? As long as we make some changes to the template we are allowed to remove the mark and place our own?

I dunno, though, it seems like this could use an official answer.....

EDIT: I just double checked the License, and I didn't see where it said you have to leave the mark in the footer. I got the impression that attribution had to remain in the code, though, for sure.

Question: Post to Facebook Group or Page?
Answer: provided by IvanDavidLippens 413 days ago
- 0 + The story submits to the users wall, but I have yet to discover a field where I can enter my Group ID or Page ID.
Question: Post to Facebook Group or Page?
Answer: provided by IvanDavidLippens 412 days ago
- 0 + That's a really interesting suggestion!!!

I will check that out, and get back to you!


Question: Post to Facebook Group or Page?
Answer: provided by IvanDavidLippens 410 days ago
- 0 + Finally getting back to you.

I am running into a lot of problems with the Twitter and auto tweet modules. Neither one of them posts to twitter from my experience.

And oddly enough, I have to have the auto tweet module turned on for the clickable login feature from the Twitter module to work. Heh.....

I might look into Chuck's new Facebook Sharer, though, I guess.... especially since the post to facebook feature in the module doesn't seem to be working too well. >.<

Thanks, man!

Question: Anyone making money with their Pligg site?
Answer: provided by IvanDavidLippens 415 days ago
- 1 + From the sound of things, the odds of you have real people visiting your site are not high.

I have over 300 members, and I am almost positive that they are all spammers who are getting blocked by email verification.

The first two comments in this thread seem to have some good advice, but you should also consider that you need to organically develop your niche.

For example... create a Facebook Page or Group and build your population using real people with real interests affiliated with your site.

Join other groups that do the same, and observe them, and if possible, politely market your stuff in them when your site is ready and professional in appearance.

Speaking of appearances.... appearance is everything. If you don't have one of the professional templates, or have designed something yourself, then when you finally invite your organic traffic you are actually going to lose potential traffic instead of gain it.

I am still in development, but I have a group niche of over 1100 people that I built over the course of 2-3 years, which is attached to a group of about 20,000 just in one city.

That took time to develop, and when I finally go public it will take take, as well, to bring that population over, but eventually I should be able to attract outside of my niche through related advertising.


Question: i cant submit stories
Answer: provided by IvanDavidLippens 425 days ago
- 0 + This is more than likely the issue...