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When submit story not saved from 8 days to now , any one when add story not show on sites or Database

Please help me
Hello ,

I have hosting adsense account and i want add dfp code in my pligg site

How to add Google dfp code in pligg ?
Hello ,

what can i do ?

The arabic appeared (( ??????????? )
Look this

Thank you

I have aproblrm to Arabic language , it's show : ( ???????? ) not words ,
Sea more :
What can i do ?
Hello ,

In rss importer from say
Feed not fully setup, skipping

And in facebook modules , not login it say

Can any one help me ?
Hello ,

How to create Voted code in websites and blog ?

When some one click it making a link and other visitor to this link can voted only .

the image in Attach

Thank you