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Question: Why i am not able to add Google Adsense Code in my Pligg site
Answer: provided by ambalaldarji 636 days ago
- 0 + Sorry for asking this question once again....I did not know that there is a kind of question available here.

And thanks for sharing nice source. After reading this article i have understood the problem.

Question: Can i customize pligg site?
Answer: provided by ambalaldarji 685 days ago
- 2 + Hey OxyThemes,

Thanks for your valuable reply. Yes i want to create a template my own in which i have my full authority to change anything. is there any option for this?
Question: Why There is Submission Problem in My Pligg Site
Answer: provided by ambalaldarji 690 days ago
- 0 + Hey ChuckRoast,

Thanks for your reply. the error occurs after click on step 3. It show nothing. And also not able to submit story why this happen?

If you still not got the point that you can do one thing just try to submit 1 story. You will definitely understand it that what is the problem.