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Question: Story Admin Email Moderation is not working
Answer: provided by Latevo 402 days ago
- -1 + Anybody know how to fix this "the Story Moderation" sends all stories to discarded. Even God admins.... it all goes to discarded.

If somebody could provide a fix, it'd be greatly appreciated!
Question: Akismet Spam removal Locked me(admin) out ?
Answer: provided by Latevo 504 days ago
- 0 + Thanks for the thorough response!

I had to create a new user account and then go into tables and give it God Admin rights.

Even though I changed everything back to Admin from spammer, the whole account gets disable. All the posts submitted with that user-admin name were sent to spam. I had to manually re publish them. Good thing I only had like 100 submissions.

the Akismet.. I supposed 1 of my submission got caught in the filter and I killer spam all stories in there, hence killer-spamming myself.

It's been hell trying to get everything back to normal. It's a new web, so no worries, but be very careful ya'll. After some many spam cleaning at some point your bound to kill spam yourself. No recommended.