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Question: admin panel freeze
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 4 days ago
- 1 + More info needed.. What do you mean by freeze? Does it just not load these sections, or is it locking up?

Does the machine running WAMP have an internet connection or is it a standalone box?

What version of windows are you running?
Question: admin panel freeze
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 2 days ago
- 1 + I am using wampserver on win 8.1 and not having this issue but here are a few things you can try that may end up solving your problem.

1 Use instead of localhost for your msql connection.

2 Edit httpd.conf and disable the loading of the CGI module. Look for the line

LoadModule cgi_module modules/

and just put a pound sign at the beginning

#LoadModule cgi_module modules/

3. Connect the wampserver machine to the internet. It's possible you're getting a timeout because it's checking for module updates or loading an external js file.
Question: Story Counter hits by unique views?
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 13 days ago
- 1 + Sorry but there is no way to configure the module to do that. It wasn't intentionally designed to work that way. It would require rewriting almost the entire module.
Question: How to add sitemap in google webmaster pligg cms?
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 17 days ago
- 1 + You already have a thread open. Don't create duplicate threads.
Question: Log Error? Failed opening '../settings.php' for inclusion
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 28 days ago
- 1 + Hi Mike. That is a warning and not a fatal error. It's most likely being caused by a php timeout on the server. You may want to contact your host and increase the timeout slightly if you start running into problems but if it's intermittent and the site is loading ok, it's not really anything to worry about.
Question: Sent news does not appear anywhere.
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 32 days ago
- 1 + Looks like you didn't upload all the necessary files. "does not exist" means they are missing from your server. I would suggest uploading the entire bootstrap folder again to the /templates folder.
Question: Pligg with error to make installation
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 36 days ago
- 1 + The CMS is not defective. It's used by millions of site owners who were able to read and follow the installation instructions without a problem. Blaming others for your own lack of comprehension and skills is pretty sad.
Question: Auto Content Scraper makes site blank
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 44 days ago
- 1 + Most likely an issue with your template. Switch to the default template and activate the auto content scraper again to test it and make sure. The ACS module has been around for years and is updated frequently. Nobody has reported this issue with the current version. I'm guessing your template author left out some template hooks. If it appears ok with the default bootstrap template than the issue is with the template. If you get the white screen again, the problem could be a conflict with another module. But I'm about 90% sure the issue is with the template and not the module.
Question: Auto Content Scraper makes site blank
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 41 days ago
- 0 + The upload_pligg_lang_conf file is a default file that comes with Pligg CMS. If it can not find this file it means that you must have removed it. It's located inside the upload module. I would suggest adding that entire folder back.
Question: Can't seem to download free module
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 50 days ago
- 1 + Also the simple messaging module is the exact same one that comes with Pligg CMS.. Look in your modules folder.