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Question: Can't view website??
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 1 day 12 hours ago
- 1 + Your site loads fine for me. See attached screenshot link. Most likely a browser issue. Try clearing your cache or cookies.
Question: Pligg Dev Recommendation/Referral?
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 23 hours ago
- 0 +
Question: Uploaded iPhone images have rotated thumbnails.
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 4 days ago
- 1 + It would help if you mentioned which model of iPhone you are using and which OS it's running, because I can't reproduce this on my iPhone 4 running iOS 7 Jailbroken.
Question: gekauft und nicht bekommen (german) buy and do not get (englisch)
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 7 days ago
- 1 + Downloads are available from your account.
Question: Facebook likes + Pligg likes
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 7 days ago
- 1 + There is no file you need to check because it's not an option, nor would Facebook allow such a function.
Question: Error. The pligg_config table is empty or does not exist
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 14 days ago
- 1 + Sounds like you just moved the files and not the database.
Question: Thumbnail for facebook
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 15 days ago
- 1 + Scraping and embedding content from a remote site into your Pligg site won't be picked up by Facebook because the content doesn't actually reside on your site. Similar to embedding a YouTube video on a static html page wouldn't be picked up either.

Facebook uses the Open Graph Protocol to grab thumbnails from sites where the thumbnail is held locally and defined in the meta before the closing /head.


meta property="og:image" content="../images/rock.jpg"

You can read more about the Open Graph Protocol from the link here.
Question: where can I download old versions of pligg?
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 16 days ago
- 1 + I wouldn't suggest using them in a production environment.
Question: White Blank Page Error
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 16 days ago
Question: Auto content scraper
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 18 days ago
- 1 + It does display on both summary and story pages. If it's only displaying on summary pages, it's most likely caused by your template. Switch to the default bootstrap template and see if the problem persists. If it does please reply with a link to your site.