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can I using the PHP function "filter_var()" to check the url:?

i have some problem with submit link from bookmark button in browser bookmark bar.
i found the problem and when i remove this code, problem solved.
File : /submit.php (about line 190-200)

$isLink = preg_match($pattern, $url); // Returns true if a link

Why are you not using the PHP function "filter_var()" to check the url:

$isLink = filter_var($url, FILTER_VALIDATE_URL);


can i use this?
To get the image I use platform. To get it, they require link of main source. Not related link, but the main link where the story came from.

The link of each story is {$url}

Link of related story is {$related_story[related].url}

I need to get each {$url} out of each {$related_story[related].url}.

It should be a variable like {$related_story[related].url} or {$url}.
i test all links of my web site online and find this problem:
i use URL_method 2 for SEO and all links work fine except this:
in ROOT/libs/html1.php file (line 801)
elseif ($x == "login") $ret = "/login.php?return=" . urlencode($var1);
I try this and work 50% good:
elseif ($x == "login") $ret = "/login/";
but when users logout and they submit link with bookmarklet the Submitting URL Gone because i Remove {{ . urlencode($var1)}}
how can i change this line that everythings work perfectly?
Is it possible to make direct URL's like

%10 of all URLs in Persian language will not get open in my pligg ,, put your link,, website because pligg adds to or removes from submitted URLs some characters. I talk to everyone about it and tried all suggested ways but there is no use to solve this problem. Any new help will be appreciated.

I would like to change the url structure from /new/ to /latest/. e.g I have tried from htaccess and doing mod_rewrites, to no avail, but everything is feeding off $URL_new which i can't seem to find.

The intention is to have the nav work in the same way.
Has anyone had any luck doing this?

I am using SEO method 2

Menu item i am concerned about.

< li {if $pagename eq "new"} class="active"{/if}>< a href="{$URL_new} ">{#PLIGG_Visual_Pligg_Queued#}< /a >< /li >
Hello there,
is there any option to make url as option ?
so the user decide to add url or not ?
We need some kind of module that would traverse the stories data table looking for broken bookmarks back to the originating story. This would reduce the number of 'broken' links when Pligg is being used as a bookmarking site.

My thoughts are the module should start from the oldest post (most likely to be, broken, deleted or 'out of date'), run from a cron or pseudo-cron trigger/task and check a configurable number of posts, keep track of it's last checked story and continue from there on each successive cron trigger..

The module should be configurable to either place a failed story into 'upcoming', moderation, discard or else do nothing but email the admin with a link to the story..

The action should also be configurable for counts of failed check attempts as the referenced server downtime could cause a false trigger.
Like only '' and not '' or ''

I hope this is the correct place to post this.