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I'm trying to synchronize my Pligg's site with other system. I want Pligg to use the other account database, but I don't know if what I have to change exactly. I just want Pligg to use the other accounts, which are created in other account-creation system.

Do I have to modify something in my other account page? What I have to change in Pligg to use the other table?

Pligg works great in my site but untill now nobody can change templates in their profiles, and not me too. I purchase a lot of templates for nothing.
I was deleted all cookies in local browser, clean cache 50 times xD, try in another computer, one with GNU/Linux and one with OSX, and still not working.
Anybody else with same problem?
I'd like to change the redirect upon story submission from the 'New.php' page to the Home page. Any suggestions?

I have about 5 differents templates and enable users can change template, but no working. Always appear same template . Users view in Profile Configuration the templates but never changes. Tired of refresh and clear template cache, is not possible change template in user configuration.
i have upgrade to pligg 2.0 but i down knw where is the link to configure Website title . the title nam is my site.