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Every after I try to submit a new story in my newly installed Pligg CMS 2.0.0 site, it's always fail and just redirected to the web page with the basename "/new.php". Please help what I'm going to do..

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    This have been happened to me again! But in this time I've got the cause why it's happening and I report it as a bug. Here take a look the issue:

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    I have found a sollution for this issue! Reinstall your Pligg website and don't try to configure all the settings again! Because there's a configuration which I didn't know yet, that if you change its value, submitting a new story on your Pligg site wouldn't work again! But all the statuses of a new stories will be a "New" stories and not a "Published" stories, but of course you can change it.

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    If you look in the admin, is the post awaiting moderation? I'm having this issue right now, many posts going into awaiting moderation and I've never heard of this before.

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    I'm sorry but on my issue, there's no any post awaiting for moderation in the page "/admin/admin_links.php". I'm now planning if I'm going to reinstall the Pligg CMS.

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    I'd guess you enabled URL Method 2 and didn't update your .htaccess file.

    It will look like htaccess.default

    It should look like .htaccess

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    Nope, 'cause I'm familiar with that. Maybe some of the files are needed to CHMOD 777 and not 755 before installation. But maybe not.

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