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Whenever I submit a link to my own website, the link goes to the discarded items, why? Is there a setting I did wrong or is it a bug? Please help!

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    I already created a bug report for this issue. You should have looked at the list below.

    It's the Votes to Discard feature that is causing it.

    You need to put the value to zero, as this function is broken right now.


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    Is this a new installation with the default settings and template, or is this an upgrade? Please provide a link to your site.

    The most likely culprit is that one of your anti-spam modules or settings is working incorrectly. Try disabling all modules and re-submit a story to see if it performs the same. Don't forget to clear your template cache after doing that.

    If that doesn't work, check your Admin > Settings > Submit page. If you haven't ever changed any of the settings on this page, then skip this paragraph. Otherwise, please take a screenshot of the page so that we can see what your settings are.

    If this doesn't fix the problem, then you may need to check your error log (viewable from the admin panel) to see if there are any related warning messages. At this point you will probably need to submit a bug report with detailed instructions on how to reproduce the issue (ex. Register account, submit a story, story never makes it to 'new').

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    Okay, first of all,it is a new installation with settings changed for my liking with the default theme, bootstrap, but with a different css from Bootswatch. And my website is

    Second, I've just uninstalled the anti-spam modules because there isn't any option to just disable the modules, like it was in previous versions, and I still have the problem. BTW, where is the clearing template cache thing?!

    Like I said, all system settings were change. I've attached a screenshot of the Error log page, maybe it helps

    It looks like the votes for discarding setting is the problem after all, I've disabled it by setting it to zero (0) and now when I submit a link, it goes to the New section like it should.

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    The clear template cache link is on the Admin home page (at the bottom center).

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    Looks like the Statistics widget made it that I couldn't see the other widgets found on the admin home page. I've uninstalled it, but now I can't install it back.

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