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Hallo, I install module upload and doesn´t work.
I tried many times different changes, different setup and nothing happend. The file here i tried upload JCVD. Could you help me?

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    Upload isn't usually that hard to setup. Out of the box, these file types are allowed jpg, jpeg, png, and gif extensions. Notice that does say extensions!!!! Make sure the uploaded file name does include the extension and the extension matches the file type.

    I run mine with 'generate thumbnails' turned on.

    If you want a thumbnail size that is different from what is offered you'll need to add the size first and refresh the page.

    Click on the display at upload check box if you'd like to see the uploaded file (recommended).

    Make sure quality is set somewhere between 75 and 100 percent.

    Skip over the "Where to embed thumbnail" setting (should default 'tpl_link_summary_pre_story_content').

    Then set 'thumbnail size to display' to your preferred size from the pull-down.

    The rest of the settings should be default for now. Once you know it works you can add a new file type but you might need to turn off 'generate thumbnails'.

    There's an extensive helpful 'list of definitions' for help setting up the fields if you'll cursor down to the lower part of the settings page.

    Really, nothing to it.

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    to jhawkin: thank you man, but still doesń´t work, may be it´s template fault...? i click to add attach file and it does nothing. but i find out :) thanks anyway

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