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I have created a new bookmarking site using pligg cms But I cannot enter to my admin panel. While I try to enter to my admin then, I am being redirected www.www.highprsocialbookmark/admin/index.php . ........ this www. repeated. why and how can I solve this problem? Also it shows ... Findex.php when I click on "publish news" tab Please check this tell me the solution.

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    I agree with the other response here. Your isue is in your htaccess file. The url string ?WC= doesn't have anything to do with Pligg, so it sounds like either you already had a htaccess file uploaded or your host added one for you, and you didn't rename the htacccess_default as instructed in the installation documentation.

    Also note that you've installed a very outdated version of Pligg. the one you are running is over a year out of date.

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    He's running 1.2.2. Same as me. Saw the double slashes too in the html so config is probably a little messed up..

    Note: I'm running 1.2.2 because my business model dictates all my sites should be running the same software and I haven't had time to convert/upgrade yet. There is good reasons to upgrade, I just can't devote that much time yet to the multiple upgrades I'd need to do over a bunch of sites.

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    I tried the raw admin address with your domain. Looks like your htaccess file is all messed up since I got a Redirect then the 404 error. Kill htaccess to get to admin. Check config just to be sure then fix htaccess if that is what is really wrong.

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