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Dear Pligg Developers,

Do you have a timeline on when we can expect the stable release of Pligg 2.0?


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    We have just released a 2.0.0 version of Pligg CMS. See the blog article:

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    I just installed the released 2.0.0 final version on a dev server. After submitting my first story, I got a blank page. Checked the database and found the story status tagged as 'discarded'.

    Please look into this. Thanks!

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    I am using RC 2 version right now and I do face the same problem. All news stories going straight to 'discarded'. I have tried enabling and disabling negative voting, but it still doesn't work. We would be really happy if someone can help us out. I guess few other people also had the same problem. Thanks.

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    Thanks Pligg! This is awesome. So after more than a year the final Pligg version is officially released. I am just about to upgrade our site. I would like to know few things before I go ahead. Are 'Real Time Comment Voting' and 'Save Story' fixed? Thanks.

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    IMO, we as Pligg CMS users should also participate in the development of Pligg. Since most of us have little to no knowledge of PHP (I assumed), we can help the Pligg developers through testing and reporting possible bugs.

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    There's a Milestone at - I think that would give as an idea when.

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    The milestones defined on Github are probably the best way to estimate how far off the next release is. Right now we have a lot of issues being reported and marked for review, meaning that we have a lot of bugs to fix before we can claim to be stable.

    As Oxy also mentioned in a separate comment, we really depend on the community to help us continue development and bug testing. We have limited resources and can only afford to have one developer (besides myself) working on Pligg CMS issues. If anyone else out there wants to contribute fixes, we welcome any helpful contributions made to our GitHub project page.

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    I believe it was June 2012 when the news about Pligg 2.0 upgrade first came out. Alas, after over a year there is still no date on when a stable release of Pligg 2.0 will be available. I do understand that the Pligg developers are working very hard and using their own personal time to develop this open source product and I am truly grateful for that. But, after waiting for so long, I am discouraged about this product and wondering, should I wait further or move on to other open source product.

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    I agree! Lets hope they release the stable version soon.

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    Ok, today I would like to thank you Pligg Developers. It is because of you guys I became able to create a question and answer website very easily. Let us come together to help each other (pligg community) and pligg developers as well. Let us rule the web.

    Regards, (Beta)

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    Deleting this post.

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    After the upgrade i now receive these errors i believe these are from simple messaging where it still wont delete messages just goes to an error 500 page and save drafts don't save anything still and edit profile bounces to blank page.


    [17-Sep-2013 23:58:04] PHP Warning: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'ORDER BY saved_id DESC limit 5' at line 1 in /home1/thefaiu5/public_html/libs/db.php on line 479

    [17-Sep-2013 23:58:11] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method KMessaging::DeleteMessege() in /home1/thefaiu5/public_html/modules/simple_messaging/simple_messaging_main.php on line 89


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    I got the same PHP Warning about xxxxx/xxxxx/libs/db.php on line 479

    Any solution for this issue?

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    This error is being caused by the side bar saved module and simple messaging has an error on deleting messages

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