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Hi ChuckRoast,
Dear Pligg Developers,
I've recently purchased the Social Pro Kit for Pligg 2.0.0+ and installed it on my site

I have a issue in the very last step :
Spk_update module.

When I upload it via FTP on mysite/modules/
and I go in my admin panel module management, if I click on uninstalled modules (to activate the module), I have a very blank page as a result.

So I have removed the file on my server and the uninstalled modules part of the site is working again properly.
I have tried twice.

Same result.

Any feedback?
I really appreciate the efforts.

Possible Answers

    Thanks for reporting that. Another user also reported the same thing last night. Ironically it's the module that checks for when there is an update for the Social Pro Kit. I am working on it now and hope to have it fixed and out by tonight or tomorrow..

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    I have temporarily removed this from the kit. you can read more about it here.

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    Got it.

    Thanks ChuckRoast.

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