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Hello Chuck,

The is already with the 2.0.1 Pligg version? Becauve I've realized (if I'm not wrong) that the sort by categories is still not working properly. If you open you'll be able to see that it's sorting the stories by ALL categories, not just by the Finance category.


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    Is it fixed? I went to the demo, and it looks like it is working right.

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    and there's one more bug, in admin panel ->manage->categories it's impossible to select order of categories, the order is not saved, and it's quite random. It sometimes remember order of main categories, but never subcategories.

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    I suggest moving just 1 category position from the category management admin page at a time, then re-load the page to move another category. If you attempt to move multiple categories around without a page refresh it will often go haywire.

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    Thanks for and answer. I have 3 main categories and in one main category there are 10 subcategories. Even with reloading it's impossible to order them properly. I was thinking about setting the order numbers directly into database, but can't figure out what is the mechanism of assigning numbers of categories and subcategories. If someone know that could you tell ? When I figure it out I'll post the solution :) thanks

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    I have a solution. I'll explain it on example (I added 2 screenshots) To order categories manually you have to change values in 3 columns in pligg_categories in your Database. First column to look for is category_order. The numbers depends on the number of main categories you have.

    1.Add 1 to number of main categories you want to have.

    2. Change sign to have a negative number.

    The number you get is a value for the first main category from the left (if you look at front end).

    I had 3 main cateogries therefore 3+1 = 4, so my value for category order column is -4 for 'main category 1'

    For next category you have to add 1 to the previous value.

    As you can see on attachment 'pligg_category in DB' my Main categories have values -4, -3, -2 .

    Sub categories are ordered from 0 to n-1 for each Main category.

    Now you have to fill 'rgt' and 'lft' columns with values.

    I think the columns are abbreviations of left and right because as you can see on attachment 'Front End' the values from rgt are for right side of each category button, and lft for left side. So please number your categories as you wish them to look.

    WARNING ( I have a sub category under Main cateogry 2, so watch for that when you analyze my screenshots).

    I hope it'll do the trick unless Pligg guys improve source files.

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    It does look like it is mixing in multiple categories for some of the sort options. I guess we will have to take another look at this issue.

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