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where should i add the meta description and search kewords for my pligg site? is there a plugin to do it?

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    You can set the meta description using the Admin panel. Go to Admin > Modify Language. Look for the label 'PLIGG_Visual_Meta_Keywords' and then insert your your meta tag here.

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    to lintu: hallo, i know that, thank you. but if you want to have a better seo ranking and optimalized sites you hav to do more.

    this is not very comfortable... for every page you should have a unique title, description and keywords, but... pligg doing things bit a non seo creative. i did analyze my site and i got 35% point of 100 and everytihg were a simple optimalizing. ok i can go thru code, but this is no right way i wanna go. so i am trying to find another way. cheers

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    You have to manually go through the template code and define it for every page (that's what I do with my service).

    There are template conditionals for each page so that would help you achieve unique title, description and keywords for each pages.

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