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RSS Importer (version 2.0) on Pligg CMS 2.0 (RC1?) does not import RSS.

After I setup a RSS feed, I click the feed import. Url is like blow.

It shows an error "Feed not fully setup, skipping".
Debug print SQL shows the SQL "select * from pligg_feed_link where feed_id = 1" that returns NULL.

The pligg_feed_link table doesn't have any data.

line 29 in rss_import/templates/import_fields_center.tpl

$Feed_Links = $RSSImport->get_feed_field_links($feed->feed_id);

$Feed_Links is NULL.

Around line 69 in class.rssimport.php

function get_feed_field_links($feed_id=0){
global $db;
if(!isset($feed_id)){$feed_id = $this->FeedId;}
$sql = "select * from " . table_prefix . "feed_link where feed_id = " . $
//echo "" . $sql . "";
$feed_field_links = $db->get_results($sql);
return $feed_field_links;

Thank you in advance

Possible Answers

    Thank you, All!!

    Now I can import RSS feed!

    The problem was that I didn't setup title, url, description from edit link.

    BTW, I would like to contribute some code or document for this module, how can I do that?

    I couldn't find the repository of this module on GitHub.

    I try to find the document in the code, but there are nothing about contribution in a readme file.


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    Here is a video from an old version of that module that should give you a better understanding of how to set it up properly.

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    Have you added and configured a feed before trying to import it?


    Possible troubleshooting:

    The RSS Import module should have added 3 new tables to your database: pligg_feeds, pligg_feed_import_fields, and pligg_feed_link. If you use a different database prefix, then pligg_ would be replaced with that in these examples.

    Open up phpmyadmin and check if these tables have been added. You should see other Pligg CMS tables like pligg_links and pligg_users in the same database. If they weren't added, then you may want to try uninstalling, then re-install the module and see if any new error messages are present in the error.log.

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    You did actually set the "link" table in setup?

    Where the 'title' field from the feed = "link_title" in Pligg. Then the link itself and the description and summary fields???

    I've forgot them fields before when setting up mine and seen something like that!!!

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