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Looking to find out how to restrict pligg news submissions to a specific domain, such as (not going to use that just an example.)

Also, but not as important: perhaps a specific list of 3 domains.

Thanks for your help!

Possible Answers

    I believe an older version of pligg forum had a possible solution - this worked for me, but seems a real hack - be sure to remove spaces from urls:


    1. open Submit_Step_2_center.tpl and enter the following above everything else :

    {if $url_short eq "http :// replacethiswiththeurl .com"}

    2. at the end of the page, after everything else, add:


    3. after the last {/if} add simple text to appear when the wrong url is used - ex. please use - this will also be shown on the submit page.

    4. To add multiple urls, just keep adding more lines to the first {if} like so:

    {if $url_short eq "http ://" || $url_short eq "http ://www" || $url_short eq "http ://www"}


    Did it work for you?

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