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Please give a tutorial to maintenace n develop this CMS..

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    Pligg is fairly intuitive and straight forward.

    You install it. Follow along with the install and the readme files. Maybe check out the old forum (the old forum covers a older version but there's real gold and jewels there) and read everything here you can find. Pretty easy!

    Decide on what your Pligg is gonna do. Is it a Blog? Is it a 'Digg Style' story sharing system? Link Directory? Or are you a Content aggregator?

    I suggest getting the site running, get whatever content you want built up, and get comfortable with it.

    Put your time into making the site useful to your audience then add the features you think your audience wants. Pretty it up as you go.

    When you think of something you want or need an answer to, then do a search across the web. Search Here and the old forum.. Can't find what you need? Ask your questions here. Maybe a FAQ or tutorial will form up from those questions.

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    Hey, you need to have a look at the answers provided in this very pligg support site. I would also like to add that we are running a trial support site for pligg. You may check it here for more details.

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