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Here's a screenshot of what it looks like on my Samsung Galaxy S3 - as well as minimum resolution on chrome.

The modal appears below everything and the tint css covers it.

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    I just tried it on my Android tablet. While the drop down stuff is unnecessary and should b pushed into the mobile navigation. Each one did functionally work for me. I just needed to pinch the window a little smaller.

    This is not an excuse and it's something that should and could be easily addressed.

    I miss the days when us developers could actually make changes.

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    If anyone else had my problem- I changed the login and register links to simply go to /login and /register pages (instead of the modal). This works for me!

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    I should also add that the Login dropdown gets hidden- ie, nobody on the phone can log in - looks like it renders underneath the cutoff.

    P.S. that has to be the most annoying and awful CAPTCHA in the universe.

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    I assume you are talking about the Solvemedia CAPTCHA embedded in the support area? We just enabled it a couple days ago. I too find it annoying, since I tend to always have to watch a 5 second video to get my phrase. Chuckroast finds it less annoying than ReCAPTCHA, which can be very difficult to read at times.

    I switched to SolveMedia so that we would have better defenses against spammers. It's the strongest CAPTCHA option offered for Pligg at this time.

    Perhaps it would be a good time to enhance the CAPTCHA module so that it only presents CAPTCHA challenges for users with fewer than X submissions, comments, or votes? Or at least a way to disable CAPTCHAs for moderator and admin level users.

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