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Hi, I kamil from Poland
I'm sorry for my english, but I have a problem
with create admin account, because in step 4 on the instalation after created database tabels, was error:

Error: You may have typed the template name wrong or "" does not exist. Click here to fix it.

and isin't admin account create field.

I create account new user on the home page/ register and change his permision in MySql to admin permision.
them on my home page manu bar show a Admin link. When I click it, was again error:

Error: You may have typed the template name wrong or "" does not exist. Click here to fix it.

and second after click link "here"

The request /admin/admin/admin_config.php?page=Template was not found on this server.

I read in some posts about change "settings.php" file.
In my file is empty field:
$my_pligg_base = ' ';
is empty, because the database is in the same catalogue with pligg.

and change dbconnect.php file:
in my configuration database field look like:
define("EZSQL_DB_HOST", 'localhost');

and I can create new story posts, new users. Only Admin Panel not run.

Somebody know what I must change??

Thanks for help
Kind regards,

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    Would you happen to be on the web host ( There is a report on the old forums by another user who had the same symptoms and he was using them. I even found a random blog article in another language that mentioned the same error with Pligg and ( There is one more user that I am chatting with right now who is having the same issue and he is also using

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    I had this template not existing problem once some time ago have you tried uploading with the new cms one or two of the old templates that come with the previous versions of pligg for example whistie or twixx i had this problem when using the same database from a previous installation the installation in my case was asking for an old template so i took the templates from my old version placed them in the templates directory then did the install then right after changed it back to bootstrap in admin after login the old templates might help you install it but they are incompatible so remove them right after.

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