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1. Use normal pagination links
2. JavaScript that automatically adds more articles to the bottom of the page
3 JavaScript button to manually load more articles

#These are the three Pagination Method available on pligg 2.0. But none of this are working.
When I add 1st pagination method no links shows up at the bottom.
# When I add 2st pagination method no links shows up at the bottom and the footer section also gets hidden.
#When I add 3st pagination method (same as 2nd)
Please suggest pliggers.

Possible Answers

    I can not reproduce this, nor have I seen anyone else ever mention anything like this. There could be a couple reasons for your issue.

    1. You do not have enough submissions yet to require pagination.

    2. You are using an incompatible template.

    3. You modified the template and broke something.

    4. Possibly installed an incompatible module.

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