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Anybody know what happened to the template pagikss??? It has disapeared in the pligg shop.
I am very interested in this template
If someone could tell me something, I'd be very grateful.

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    It appears that the shop vendor removed it without any notice or explanation.

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    Hi Yankidank! I didn't find any email or contact form to contact you. The reason I deleted it is because someone contacted me saying that he purchased the template and asked me for support but I didn't see any commission in my vendor dashboard, so I decided to sell my Pligg templates myself.

    @scc731013 If you want to purchase Pagikss template you can find it here

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    The order shows as 'cancelled' and my own account did not show any payment related to it. It's possible that the user abandoned the cart or experienced some type of error during checkout, but I didn't hear about it.

    We can be reached via email here:

    Or you can join us in our IRC chat room from this page weekdays 9am-6pm Pacific Time:

    You will find both of those contact links in the footer area across most of

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