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Hi folks,
I was checking the feature in admin->voting: Negative votes to remove submission. In demo it doesn't work at all. When I vote for a story to have -1 votes on main page and set value in admin panel for 1 or -1 it doesn't work, nothing happens. The story is still on main site with -1 votes. In my Pligg version that I have downloaded and set up on WAMP, when the feature is set to 0 which should be disabled, it's actually enabled, and it means that if i have voted -1 on a story and the value in admin panel i set to 0 (disabled) then the story gets 'discarded' which is bad. When I change the value to any other number (not equal to 0) then this option gets really disabled, and nothing happens. To sum up: in demo the feature doesn't work at all, in my downloaded version (I did some changes but not to voting) it works the other way round (0=enabled) any other value =disabled. Can you check what's wrong guys ?

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    I have downloaded version 2.0.1.

    I noticed a completely different behaviour from the described in this post. But also a wrong behaviour, which is bad.

    When I set "Negative votes to remove submission" to 0, the feature gets disabled.

    When I set it to anything different to 0, every post is automatically discarded when sent, or voted, or whatever action is taken.

    I tried setting positive and negative values, but it's the same. Setting anything different from 0 will just send anything to discarded.

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    Faced the same problem. I guess it's a bug. Did anybody fix it?

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    In version 2.0.1

    When set to anything other than 0 posts get automatically discarded upon posting.

    When set to 0, the post gets automatically discarded if the first vote the story gets is negative and made from the owner of the post. If anyone else votes before the owner, or if the owner doesn't give a negative vote, the story stays non discarded (as it should).

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