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I just upgraded my site and all the old 'upcoming' stories are not showing up. Even new stories are not showing up in 'New' section. It gives blank status. I still can find the 'Upcoming' Or 'New' stories in my Admin Panel, but I can't publish them In 'New' section. For publishing in front page it works.

Newly submitted stories are also not showing in 'New'. It is is there in admin panel but it can't be published to 'new' section.

In latest Pligg version the 'Upcoming' section has been changed to 'New', so I guess the problem has to do with .htacces or new.php (previously it was upcoming.php). It will be really great if someone can help me fix this problem. Thanks.

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    In Admin > Manage > Categories and at the very bottom there's a "Reset User's Selected Categories to All" - try to click on that if that will solve your issue.

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    Solved! 'New' was not in database table. Thanks.

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