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I'm pulling a lot of feeds from Facebook and sometimes wind up with html entities in the titles which doesn't render properly on display. I know about 'html_entity_decode' but haven't figured out where to put it and the variables involved.

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    Thanks Redwine!!

    This is what I added to:

    rss_importtemplatesimport_fields_center.tpl LINE # 30

    if($link->pligg_field == 'link_title'){$MyArray['title'] = html_entity_decode($link->feed_field,ENT_QUOTES,"ISO-8859-1");}

    I then deleted two offending posts and did a 'override' import of the feed which loaded fine but didn't do one bit of good.

    So I either have a syntactical error or else my flags are set wrong.

    Here's three titles that were imported after the change:

    Chris Wilson's Bronco at the Baja 500 this weekend.

    Two guys...two new rides! Trent Montgomery in Bounty Hunter and Nate "Opie" Kirc

    VW Kübelwagen Type 82

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    I didn't have the module installed, I just downloaded it to check the code. After your reply, I installed it and tried to get to work with it, but I really did not know how to display the rss after the import and could not test the decoding live. Anyway, I believe that you should use "UTF-8" instead of ISO.

    Got to and paste the code to test it and see the difference::

    $link_title = "VW Kübelwagen Type 82";

    echo html_entity_decode ($link_title, ENT_QUOTES, "ISO-8859-1");

    echo html_entity_decode ($link_title, ENT_QUOTES, "UTF-8") ";

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    It works with either setting on the php test site but doesn't work in the code itself. I'm thinking it's my syntax!!! I wanted UTF-8 but read somewhere that was the default and didn't work properly.

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    I reinstalled it and tested it. it is not working well for me, and last night after I un-installed, it messed up my tags on the home page; they disappeared. When I reinstalled it now, they showed up. Weird!!!

    The way I figured, is that the rss imported feed will appear the same way a link appears in the summary. Am I right? if so, then this will fix the title:

    Open libs\link.php

    Within the function read($usecache = TRUE) {

    and in the if($link) {

    look for:


    and right below it, add

    $this->title=html_entity_decode ($this->title, ENT_QUOTES, "UTF-8");

    Do not html entity decode:



    it will break the link and you get 404

    It worked for me.

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    Thanks, Redwine, that's 'Quick and Dirty' but it works fine. I'll note that in the proper places in my code.

    I probably should revisit doing it in the RSS module down the road as I'd rather not have the html entities present in the database since submit doesn't seem to allow that but RSS does.

    But it works and you can't argue with success!!!

    BTW: I'm running 1.2.2 instead of 2.0.x (except for one site) which may account for the weirdness with the tags but I've never removed the RSS module either. RSS is the key to what I'm doing.

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    I am glad it worked! :-)

    I will, eventually give the RSS Importer a shot. I like to fix things!

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    I guess you are using the rss import module. The link_title appears in:


    LINE # 30 ..... if($link->pligg_field == 'link_title '){$MyArray['title'] = $link->feed_field;}

    you can html entity decode it there.

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