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Hi i want to enable to upload up to 10 photos in one post. But i want only the first show in summary pre content and all other in the story body end full.

Can i do that?

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    Warning: what I am about to suggest has not been tested. This may not work.

    Assuming that you are using the Upload module to handle the images being added to a post, you would open your link_summary.tpl template file and insert {$image1} where you want the first image. If you want it to show up directly before the image description content is inserted, then place that before the "$story_content" tag. Then wherever you want to embed the other images, add them. In the latest version of Bootstrap, it would look like this: {$image1}{$story_content|nl2br}{$image2}{$image3}{$image4}{$image5}{$image6}{$image7}{$image8}{$image9}{$image10}

    I believe that if an image does not exist (ex. you only uploaded 2 images), it will just return nothing for the extra image tags being used.

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