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A colleague of mine and I started a Pligg site a few months ago, and I've been playing with/tweaking the Karma module more recently. Just today he and I noticed that my account was the only one displaying a karma score at all, even though there are a few users posting and voting on articles. Even a new account created specifically to test the Karma out is not receiving any points. Is there anything in particular we need to do to get this applied to all accounts? I've been working toward using the Karma-base submission/posting system, but if we can't get users building Karma points that's not going to work. I just don't understand why my account is the only one that seems to be working.

Thanks for any help.

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    What version of the Karma module is in there, lintu? We have version 0.2. This morning I tried dis- and re-enabling the module, as well as un- and re-installing it, all to no avail. Even when the module was "uninstalled", I still saw a karma score on my account and no one else's.

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    I have a test site running on Pligg 1.2.2 and the Karma score seems to be calculating there.

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    @lintu: Pligg CMS Version: 1.2.2

    @Ivan: I've gotten voting method #3 working, but it's a little counter-intuitive. It basically starts using both the "Votes to Publish" and the "Karma to Publish" settings in conjunction. You need to reach both the votes threshold and karma threshold (determined by adding up the karma points of all the users who have voted on the article.)

    The really tricky part is that the auto-self-vote does *not* count toward the karma total. The only way I've found around that is to turn that off ("Auto Vote" under Configure -> Submit) and manually vote on your own post each time.

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    What version of Pligg are you using?

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    Other Users seem to build Karma on my site, but I haven't tested it fully.

    However, I also don't know what the voting method number three is supposed to do. Whenever I set it, it does nothing.

    So rest assured, you are not the only person who has had issues with Karma. I know that at least a couple other people have reported similar concerns.


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    @will: Looks like I have v0.2 08/11/2011 i4g running (see attached screenshot).

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