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Hey guys,

I have recently been attempting to upgrade from Pligg 1.2.2 to Pligg 2.0.0 RC2. After a few attempts (and blending in the suggestions here to the main readme.html steps) I've gotten it running, but I'm still having some issues.

The first issue is the most critical. Any time I try to submit an article, everything except for the base domain seems to get stripped from the link on the submission details page. This leads to almost everything being considered a duplicate and not being submit-able (and not very useful if it were submitted). Still searching google, but so far I have not seen this issue mentioned or a fix suggested.

The second issue seems more common, but as of yet I'm still unable to resolve it. I can't seem to get the friendly URLs working. I have renamed "htaccess.default" to ".htaccess" as suggested here and here and tried switching it back and forth between SEO method 1 and 2, which I saw suggested somewhere. Worried that I might have an incorrect version of htaccess.default, I grabbed a new one from github to no avail. Almost all the suggestions I've found so far point to this file, but I can't find anything wrong with it.

Thanks for any help,

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    all posts etc made on my site also get stripped and end up in discarded saved drafts is the same strips all info and saves nothing but an empty file. messages won't delete white list and black list don't work either also twitter don't work captcha had to be uninstalled because it would state wrong answer even when right then after going back to try again it loses all info on the post not a lot actually works. these bugs have all been posted in github for months now admin are the only ones who can post. even the spammers cant post.

    basically the site is just about unusable. i'm running the final version 2.0.0 final

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    I think your issues might be different than what the OP is speaking of. To me it sounds like you might be using an outdated "Save Drafts" module and or possibly some other modules that are interrupting the submission process. I would start uninstalling them one by one until you find out which one was causing the problem.

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    done all that over and over again removed modules readded them but it was doing all this from the fresh upgrade from rc2 to the final all the modules have been checked and upgraded to latest versions even save drafts is latest version i sent you an e-mail a while ago with all my hosts details and a list of faults. not sure even if you received the e-mail as no reply.

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    I know it can be a mind numbing process but sometimes just uninstalling a module won't immediately remove all traces of it's code in your site until the template cache is cleared. I'm still pretty sure that it's a module issue blocking the submissions. This is a good step by step process to follow.

    1. Uninstall a module.

    2. Clear the template cache from the Pligg admin panel.

    3. Refresh your home page.

    4. Try to submit a story.

    5. Don't reinstall that module yet.

    6. Repeat from step 1 with the next module.

    7. Do this until all modules are uninstalled.

    I didn't receive an email. My email was giving me problems over the last couple months. I don't even know if it's fully working now. I wasn't even able to send or receive for a while. Then it went back to just receiving problems. I also receive several hundreds emails a day, so it's possible I just missed it.

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    Hi chuckroast m8 ive uninstalled all modules again all of them there are now no modules running at all on my site still cant post just keeps coming up with incomplete title or txt. i have emptied the cash and left it with all modules disabled so that you can see that its not the modules causing it. i still have all the same problems

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    I did as you suggested and found it was the Google Adsense Revenue Sharing module interfering with a lot of pliggs workings the rest i found the answers on github big thank you for those helping to find the answers and or temporary fixes on there now even captcha is working and people can post and leave comments and i can now delete messages. save drafts still don't work so i uninstalled that to but thx guys i can now use my site again :)

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    Just some thoughts. I would really recommend updating to the Pligg 2.0.0 final. There are a lot of bug fixes you're probably missing out on by sticking with RC2.

    I also noticed that you've configured your site to use out.php which really shouldn't be turned on unless you are using that for some 3rd party tie in purposes. That may also be the reason why your url method 2 isn't working correctly. To set it correctly go to Admin > Settings > Outgoing > Set to false.

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    I don't think the final version was out when I started playing around with the upgrade. Went ahead and grabbed final and upgraded to it. Made the change to the Outgoing setting as well.

    Still having both of the issues as before. Primary concern is the links not following through correctly, but it'd be nice to get the friendly URLs working too.

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    it would be very hard to figure out what is exactly causing your issues from just visiting your site. It could be a database issue from upgrading, or possibly that even Apache mod()rewrite isn't configured correctly on the server. It really could be a number of things. I did notice that the most previous submission was 42 days ago and there are only 58 submissions total. You might be better off just deleting everything and starting over with a fresh 2.0.0 final on a fresh database. Sometimes that ends up being the best option.

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