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How to Install Karma Wrangler Forces users to participate before being allowed to make submissions after downloading? Can I force for anything I wish? Can anyone help me step by step? Thanks in advance.....

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    You asked this same question 2 days ago. It was already answered for you. Please read the answer and follow the directions. Please stop asking duplicate questions.

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    All modules and templates come with a readme file. The readme file for the Karma Wrangler module is about nothing other than the karma wrangler module. It tells you how to install it. If you are unable to read it and follow the directions, you may want to rethink your choice about running a website in which you need to be able to read. There was no need to open a completely duplicate question since you could have easily replied to your previous question with more information.

    You are basically asking for someone to write the directions again here? Why? You already have the directions. Just read them.

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