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I am building up a site at and managed to add a few products in there initially, but have made quite a few changes including to latest version but I can no longer post. Would having $ signs in my category names create an issue ? I don't get an error messages - just nothing posts.

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    Solved it. After completely wiping and restoring all files on my site and doing a fresh install, still had the same $^@*# problem. Logged into phpmysqladmin and could see that the posts were being added to the database BUT in a discarded state by default. Searched on here and found that if you go to Admin > Settings > Voting and change "Negative votes to remove submission" to anything other than 0 (I had mine at 5) it effectively discards all submissions!!!

    This has been reported before on these forums. Why is the feature still broken or not come with big warning lights in 2.02 ? Or is it working as intended ? How do users now vote stories into a discarded state if they have no value ?

    Again whole experience was frustrating and quite negative... Would have been better if it was something I had done wrong, but to find it was something like this .... :(

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    I hadn't heard of this feature being broken before, as it wasn't reported to Github. I'll have to check it out.

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    That would be great. Seems like it would be a good feature and pretty core to the way the sites work? Search the forums for discarded and there seems to be a few people who have encountered same issue. was the thread I stumbled across that helped me.

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    Yeah I have been working through that process. Been a long time since I played with PHP but there used to be a way of turning on a greater level of error checking with scripts. Your suggestion is close to delete all / start again unfortunately... not overly encouraging or reassuring for a new user ...

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    I'm not sure what other answer you were looking for. Nobody on the planet could possibly guess what you've broken with your changes without knowing WHAT you've changed. All your post here tells anyone is that you've made some changes and broken your site. There are no other details provided.

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    Was hoping for a better answer than reinstall your site...

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    Nobody is telling you to reinstall your site. Just overwrite the files that you've changed. Also you don't need to be making php changes to change the look of your site. Pligg uses smarty so you can do almost any cosmetic changes by changing the template tpl files.

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    Ive tried that. Have undone / overwritten everything I can think of except the database and the language file and the couple of template files. Have uninstalled all the modules and plugins... looks like it posts, but nothing... no errors, nadda... Im just frustrated that I spent hours learning Pligg, all seemed to be working, upgraded to 2.02 it broke, changed the files as per the github updates, seemed to work again and now it doesnt ... frustrating...

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    It would be impossible to know how to fix whatever is broken without knowing each and every change you made. All anyone can only suggest is to rewrite over the files you've changed with the originals and clear your cache from the admin panel.

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    It doesnt seem to be the categories having a $ sign in them. Renamed them all and same issue. Also turned off all the anti spam modules and doesnt seem to be that ...

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