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I just installed Pligg on my website. After install I can access admin area but when I hit the website url I can only see one text the the top left "NO DICE"

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    That doesn't sound like a Pligg CMS error. In fact, the prase 'no dice' doesn't appear anywhere in Pligg's default source code so this is most likely a server error or some script other than Pligg CMS.

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    Can I use Pligg in Godaddy Server

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    I believe that it is possible, though I haven't been able to verify and test on them for a very long time (a few years). They are not the most reliable host for Pligg due to the nature of it being a shared host, plus their default settings often cause conflicts with major scripts.

    I know that others have been able to get Pligg to work with Godaddy, but I can't reference anything specific without spending a while Googling the Pligg 1.x forums (

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    I run Pligg on a Godaddy account and am running addon domains even. So yeah Godaddy runs Pligg.

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